Building businesses by building relationships

Our Philosophy

Building Businesses By Building Relationships

Oxford takes a fresh and creative approach to investing and building businesses. Oxford creates a vibrant entrepreneurial partnership with management to meet shared objectives based upon mutual respect and fairness.


Oxford does not operate as a holding company.

Each acquisition is made by a separate entity, owned by Oxford principals, generally with management participation. The goal is to develop investor value through revenue growth, cost efficiency and capital investment. Strategic add-on acquisitions are often an important element of business plans.

Decentralized business management is a key Oxford concept.

The firm's principals and professionals are resources to management, providing expertise in the areas of finance, strategy, global expansion, operations, tax planning and marketing. While Oxford operates no central staff functions, it provides companies with treasury services and access to lower costs in areas such as insurance, tax planning and employee benefit planning.

Oxford provides management with maximum flexibility and opportunity for success.

Operating the business is management's responsibility, while Oxford ensures that funding is in place to meet mutually agreed upon business plan objectives. Oxford professionals can also assist management in: providing enhanced expansion opportunities through contacts in certain industries and locations; negotiating pricing and long-term contracts with vendors and customers; and avoiding distracting, time intensive activities such as environmental issues, pension plan restructuring, litigation, and other non-operational situations.

Importantly, the Oxford team respects the existing company "personality" and the efforts of prior ownership.

Oxford identifies the critical success characteristics, market perception and management style of a potential acquisition and creates a strategy to maximize the business value within its existing personality and enhanced entrepreneurial spirit. This philosophy allows companies to succeed within a familiar organizational framework and proven competitive arena. Thus, in selecting companies for acquisition, Oxford cultivates and studies relationships just as intensely as financial statements.

Oxford funds its businesses to meet growth and operating objectives.

Capital and financing for future expansion are generally in place the day a business is acquired. An outstanding reputation among financial institutions facilitates access to additional capital, when required.