Building businesses by building relationships

Investment Criteria

Building An Attractive Business Through Strategic Consolidation

Transaction Size

  • Annual sales in the $10 million to $200 million range
  • Transaction values up to $80 million

Industry Criteria

Industries where Oxford or an affiliate possesses knowledge or experience, or in fragmented industries where there exists an opportunity to build an attractive business through strategic consolidation, including:

  • Proprietary leisure products or services
  • High-end branded consumer goods
  • Automotive components
  • Building materials
  • Packaging and container products
  • Metal forming and fabrication
  • Niche distribution
  • Financial service industries
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Healthcare products

Retail, the fashion industry, natural resource companies, perishable foods, or software companies are not of interest.

Investment Stage

  • Mid to Later stage growth companies
  • Mature businesses

Early stage situations such as start-ups or first stage venture capital are not of interest. 

Typical Transactions

  • Private companies undergoing an ownership transition or requiring growth capital
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Operational turnarounds
  • Recapitalizations of underperforming entities
  • Participating with existing or potential management to acquire businesses
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies
  • Public companies going private on a friendly basis

Controlling interest is preferred, however, exceptions have been made based on specifics of the business and investment structure.